wheel hub motor / spoke motor 10" 12" 13" 17" 48-144V BLDC max. 8KW 80Nm

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wheel hub motor 48-144V, 1-8KW BLDC

W A Electrical Machinery Co. Ltd.

Model/type & pictures:

12" Radnabenmotor-Felge
12“ rim, full plate

13" Radnabenmotor-Felge mit Scheibenbremse
13“ rim, full plate,
with disc brake

Radnabenmotor-Lochfelge, offen
pierced rim


Radnaben- Intern-Motor, 13" mit Scheibenbremsen
internal motor, with disc brake

Radennabenmotor, Speichenmotor
spoke motor

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Notice: stock photos, variations possible


Performance data:


rim size




rated torque

rim width

10“ 27,3cm

~48-96V DC


~300-1200rpm, ~30-80km/h

25-80 Nm


12“ 33cm

~48-144V DC


~300-1200rpm, ~45-100km/h

25-80 Nm

7,2cm oder 10,8cm

13“ 36cm

~48-144V DC


~300-2000rpm, ~60-140km/h

25-80 Nm


spoke motor 205 o. 260

~24-96V DC



35 Nm





10 - 18 KGs


The maximum torque is twice the rated torque.

The rated / maximum torque will be lower depending on speed and voltage you request.

The exact performance characteristics we will name you after you have told us your minimum requirements.

Synchronous running of identical hub motors is possible. One controller for each motor is necessary.


External dimensions:

fork width/shaft length

200 mm


Further attributes:

-brushless(BLDC) motor with hall sensors


-ball bearing

-both sides turning

-CE & CCC certified

-Ingress Protection Rating IP–Code IP54

-legal warranty: 24 month


Optional features (upcharge):

-drum brakes / disc brakes

-rim full plate or pierced


-optional for 13“: single side shaft / mounting; internal motor with 4-hole rim mount (wheel/rim is detachable from internal motor, rim isn't included.)


Areas of applications:

This wearless direct current brushless BLDC electric wheel hub motor / spoke motor is suitable e. g. for e-scooter, tricycle, quad bike, electric quad bike, rickshaw, trishaw, velotaxi, electric car, e-car, mini car, city car, microcar, theater engineering, stage engineering... .


Available accessories:

BLDC Controller, lead acid battery, charger, throttle, pedal...


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