Direct Current Generators

Our direct current motors are also suitable for using as generators. They can be used in wind wheels, windmills, water wheels and even more.

The  36V and 48V units with 350W upwardly are recommendable, because they induce appreciable voltages and currents at lower range of speeds.

Please notice, the generator's output will always be approximately 30% under the operation figures of the using as motor. A 48V dc motor with a maximum power about 1KW with a nominal power consumption of 26,8A will have following generator output (in its rated speed range!): max. ~34V 700W 19A!

The required transmission is beetween 3:1 and 5:1 in the most cases, depends on the type of your rotor.

You need a suitable charge controller furthermore for buffering the generated power into rechargeable batteries. This charge controllers we do not provide at present.

Please choose one power range.