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For the calculation of motors/transmission ratio please answer the following questions as entirely as possible:

-Total weight incl. passenger(s), payload?
-Which kind of vehicle? Motor-assisted (with muscular strength) or total engine-driven?
-Max. speed (km/h or mph)?
-If you also wish batteries: Max. cruising range?
-Size of wheel / tire (diameter in cm or inch)?
-Max. increase (degree or percent [%])? 5% = ~3 degrees are sufficing?
-Lane condition (tarmac, paved, macadamized, farm / forest track, lawn or rough terrain (field, sand, mud)?
-If so: given transmission ratio? Teeth count of given sprocket / chain blade?
-If so: pitch of given sprocket / chain blade (often 1/2" =12,7mm, 1/4"=6,35mm, rare: 8,25mm), thickness?

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