built-in rotary potentiometer, control dial, incl. knob

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built-in rotary potentiometer, control dial, incl. knob


HQ, Piher, et al.

Model/type & pictures:


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Performance data:

control range

0 to 50 kohm (/100 kohm), linear mono

current consumption


Note: 50 kohm and 100 kohm available, depending on dc motor controller.

External dimensions with knob:

length / width / height

~ 1cm / 1cm / 5,7cm

diameter knob

2 cm

diameter shaft


Further attributes:

-both directions of rotation (depends on connection)
-incl. mounting nut
-material: plastic
-colour: black
-legal warranty: 24 month


Areas of applications:

This universal matching rotary regulator is suitable e. g. for our dc motor controllers instead of using hall regulators like hand throttle, thumb throttle or accelerator pedal.

This potentiometer also can be used as inductor over and above the hall regulator.

Available accessories:

controller, motor, lead acid battery, charger, relay ...


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