Planetary gearing electric motor BLDC 48V 3KW 120Nm

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Item name:
planetary gearing electric motor 3KW (max. 5KW) 48V BLDC

W A Electrical Machinery Co. Ltd.

Model/type & pictures:

3KW Getriebemotor BLDC 48V

3KW Getriebemotor BLDC 48V Seitenansicht


Performance data:

power output

3000W (peak 5KW) / 48 V

rated current

<=60 A (max. 100A)

rated speed (rpm)

600 +/- 5 %

max. speed (rpm)

750 +/- 5 %

current without load

<= 5 A

rated torque

120 Nm (max. 180Nm) +/- 5 %


length 35mm, diameter 22 mm, groove&tongue, nut M20x1,5

transmission ratio





18 KG


External dimensions:

housing length

336 mm

housing width

165 mm

total height (with plate)

185 mm


Plate dimensions:


165 mm


130 mm

lengthwised hole distance

103 mm

widthwised hole distance

102 mm


Further attributes:

-brushless(BLDC) motor with hall sensors
-ball bearing
-both sides turning
-operation noise <50 dB
-CE & CCC certified
-Ingress Protection Rating IP–Code IP54
-legal warranty: 24 month


Technical drawing & dimensions:



Areas of applications:

This wearless direct current BLDC electric motor with planetary gearbox is suitable e. g. for e-scooter, tricycle, quad bike, electric quad bike, rickshaw, trishaw, Velotaxi, park railway, ,go-cart, electric car, e-car, mini car, city car, golf cart, model making, miniature making, boat engine, theater engineering, stage engineering, industry, machines... .


Available accessories:

BLDC Controller, lead acid battery, charger, throttle, pedal...

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