AC asynchronous motor controller 48-144V 500A vector CAN regen

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AC Motor Controller 48-144V, max. 500A, vector mode, CAN-Bus, recuperation, computer interface





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Areas of applications:
These electronic asynchronous induction motor drivers are suitable e. g. for tricycle, quad bike, electric quad bike, rickshaw, trishaw, velotaxi, park railway, ,go-cart, electric car, e-car, mini car, city car, lightweight vehicle, electric van, municipal vehicle, golf cart, boat engine... .


This ac motor driver manages the infinitely speed of AC motor , switches the motor's turning direction forward and reward and uses electric braking, what brings energy back to the batteries / accus.
This controller is programmable by pc or programmer device (soft-start, soft-stop, max. rpm / max. speed...).


We will offer you the well matching controller based on your motor's data.
Drive components assembly on your individual specifications.

The given price is only valid for the low-end model without any optional features.

Equipment delivered:

Controller, Connection scheme, wire harness, key switch, direction switch.


Technical data:

- suitable for 3-phase-ac e electric motors, asynchronous motors, with induction, without (carbon) brushes
- various controllers for
BLDC (brushless (direct current-)) motors, PMSM motors (permanent magnet synchronous motors, motors with brushes and pmdc (permanent magnet direct current motors see our separate offering please
- Intelligent control by microprocessor
- powerful MOSFETs inside
- stepless control of speed/braking by seperate hall regulator 0-5V or potentiometer
- recuperation = regenerative braking energy
- brake switch regen, smooth; ABS
- reverse function = for- & backward, right + left turning, infinitely
- supports motor current limit & rpm limit & torque control
- supports optional rotational speed sensor

- CAN-Bus optional (upcharge)
- programmable over USB interface (MS Windows API or optional programmer device [upcharge])
- overvoltage and undervoltage protection
- overheating protection (+ optional motor's thermistor)

- wiring fault detection/overrun cut-off
- housing material: aluminium; good heat-dissipating
- splash-water proof
- mounting holes
- CE & CCC certified
- legal warranty: 24 month


Dimensions & weight:



approx. 33 cm


approx. 26 cm


approx. 12 cm


approx. 3 – 7,0 KG


Available accessories:

AC motor, wire harness, hall regulator (hand trottle, thumb throttle, pedal, lever), key switch, directional switch, dashboard, RS232-USB-Cable (you will receive an e-mail with the controller's programming software (win), not possible for all controllers), DC-DC converter 12V, lead acid battery, charger, ...


Product Note Status Price
Option: USB data cable for ac motor controller FU/SH
150.00 € *
Option: Converter DC-DC12V >=25A for ac motor controller FU/SH
200.00 € *
Option: Dashboard for ac motor controller FU/SH Option: Dashboard for ac motor controller FU/SH
300.00 € *
Option: Pedal with Hallsensor 12V for ac motor controller FU/SH
90.00 € *
Option: Programming device+data cable for ac motor controller SH Option: Programming device+data cable for ac motor controller SH
350.00 € *
* Prices incl. VAT, plus Shipping
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