Electric soccer ball machine - M. Hämel

Ball machine for goalkeeper training. Planned and built for a student project. Two contra-rotating rubber wheels accelerate the ball. Each of the wheels is driven by an eletric motor Unite MY7618 450W 24V 1,43Nm. Power transmission over sprocket with 10 teeth on motor shaft and at the wheels side a chain blade 30teeth, pitch 1/2" (12,7mm) 5mm thickness, ratio = 3:1.

Diameter of the rubber wheels is approx. 40cm, the soccer ball will reach max. 80km/h.

Smooth motor controlling via two controllers Yiyun YK40/YK31C 500W 24V 31A and potentiometer regulators for the control panel. With this solution it is possible to  shoot the ball in variable angle, not only straight ahead.


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Link to Merkur - Newspaper article about the montessori-school in Peissenberg (GERMANY):


Spring 2016

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